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Can't download image for profile and blavatar

  1. Hi everyone

    I've been trying to download a picture to my profile, as well as the ' blavatar', but thus far it's not showing - plus, in the blavatar dowload the tools for editing/cutting the picture down't show on my screen.
    do some applications work better on PC versus Mac, perhaps ?

    Any answer to help me solve the problem is greatly appreciated,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Döneken. I think you mean "upload" a Blavatar. What type of file are you trying to upload? What are the dimensions of the image?

  3. Hello airodyssey

    Thanks for responding. Yes, i suppose it means ' upload '.
    i'm trying to ' upload' a jpg. The size isn't too big; dimension = 319 x 313


  4. For a Blavatar, you'll get the best results if you upload a 128 x 128 pixel image.
    See if that helps.

  5. Hello airodyssey

    Thanks, i'll try to make it a bit smaller, and see what happens.
    Interesting site you got, btw - i looked at it yeasterday,


  6. I've tried uploading a blavatar at all sizes for the last few days. Each time it lets me crop it, and once I've cropped it and clicked 'save', it's as if nothing's happened and the blog still has no picture. Any advice...?

  7. Hi gabrielinindia

    I have the same problem - where it states ' change your gravatar', underneath the gravatar on your profile, does something happen when you ckicl on it ?
    Because nothing happens when i click on it -

    do you have a mac or a pc, because i consiered it may have to do with that, but don't know.


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