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    Hello, I am using the Cutline theme and recently made the mistake of deleting the home page off my manage pages page thinking it would go away. I realized right after that it was a mistake, but now I’m stuck not being able to edit the home page since it isn’t there on the manage pages page. Is there any way to fix that? I couldn’t find a solution in here or the FAQs. Thanks.




    I’m also using Cutline and have never seen it was possible to delete the “Front Page”, which is the blog page of the entire theme. I did find this in the FAQ’s

    Perhaps one of the forum regulars can confirm before you try this, but it might be worth a try switching to another theme and then back again to see if your “Home” page reappears. RC?

    Just a small rant (in general-not at you) I really wish people would put their site in their forum profile; it makes trying to help a bit easier.



    Thanks. I actually thought it was in there automatically. Mine is for what it’s worth.



    Try this:

    Write > Page > publish a new page. Doesn’t matter what’s in it, just publish one

    Options > Reading > Show latest posts

    That should return to normal.



    Fixed. Thanks for the help Mark.



    The HOME page is the blog, so if you delete it there won’t be anything there. But as Mark pointed out, when you blog and post, something automatically goes there. I just caution people never to delete Home or Blog pages on blogs because…well, those are the blog. And then they end up here, worried.

    If you don’t like the link that says HOME on all your pages, you can pick a different template. Most of them don’t show that link on the actual home page.



    Whew! Which goes to prove I know just enough to get it entirely wrong. (embarrassed toe scuffing in dirt) Sorry! (And in the future, I will indeed limit myself to answering things that I am nearly 100% sure about.)

    @ericnus-while you were fixing your blog, Cutline’s default “Front Page” actually disappeared and suddenly I saw two pages titled “What”, which I guess was a temporary page about you. Can someone please explain this? I was under the impression it wasn’t possible to get rid of the “Front Page” in Cutline.

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