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    I am unable to edit link category name and description – when I do so (using either edit or quick edit) and click “update category”, I get the message “category not updated”.

    I was able to update the first category, but can’t get the other 2 to change.

    Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

    The blog I need help with is



    When I renamed my Blogroll link category it disappeared from my sidebar.

    Which link category are you trying to update?


    The “Hand Made Shopping” category and description.

    In fact my third category doesn’t even have an option to delete any more – which I’d like to do.


    The no-option-to-delete category is your default one. To delete it, you must first go to Settings>Writing and set another one as the default.



    According to the following page, all link catagories have “edit, quick edit, and delete” options.

    I’m not sure why you are having trouble. Maybe another members will shed some light on it.


    Thank you panaghiotisadam – that worked for the deleting of the category.
    I still can’t edit the ones that are left though – I know how to do it, just can’t get it to stick.
    Thanks for the help phatpast.



    Maybe you have a browser issue.
    1. Which browser and version of it are you using please?
    2. Have you tried logging out and clearing your browser cache and cookies and then logging in again?
    3. Have you tried a different browser? (Firefox works very well with wordpress and 46.4% of those surfing the web currently are using it. )


    Hi timethief,
    I am using Firefox – the latest version. I did try logging out, but haven’t cleared my cache and cookies. I’ll try that.

    For now I have added a new category and just deleted the one I couldn’t edit.
    I will try your suggestion as well.
    Thank you. I appreciate all the help.



    Do understand that if you have used the same word or words as a Category and as a Tag then editing can become a PITA. Have you done that?


    update: I found “wordpress global dashboard” listed as one of my links – have no idea why that was listed as a “link” or how it got there, but I deleted it and now I’ve been able to update both my categories.

    I think that was it maybe..?… Very strange, but many thanks for the help.


    Thanks timethief, I don’t think I haven’t done that and presently only have 2 categories, but will keep that in mind.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.


    @seashellsbymillhill: Timethief’s last remark refers to post categories, not link categories. But yes you’ve done that (example from your sticky post: “Florida” and “mollusks”), and it’s wrong: tags and post categories are exactly the same thing, so there’s no point in using the same word or phrase as both a tag and a category, plus you may run into technical problems.


    Okay! Wow, thanks for the explanation. I will have to do some cleaning up. Thanks for checking up on me.

    I’ll get it fixed.


    Oops sorry, here under my other blog – the previous post was seashellsbymillhill.

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