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Can't edit links siedbar widget...

  1. So under Presentation>Sidebar Widgets, the widget "links" is already apparently in my sidebar; but it doesn't appear on my site (blogroll in its place) and I can't edit it. How do I add links?

  2. Well, you add in links at Dashboard -> Blog Roll -> All links. Do note that those links have to be within a category and that category has to contain at least a single post for those links to display. Work around for that is to make a post with "Hey, I added some links. Please feel free to check them out" and tag the post with the categories of the links involved.

    Either that or we're still seeing a cached version of your sidebar althoough I only see the two WP sites currently on your sidebar.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Some other bloggers have found this to be helpful so I'm sharing it with you. This explains blogrolls, links and categories and their relationships.

  4. Ahh, right, thats how you do it; thanks a lot guys.

  5. Oh good, we helped... yay! :D

  6. Is there a way to order the links by date added instead of alphabetical? Is that a css mod?


  7. Afraid not. You would have to hack the underlying PHP files to do that and since we're on a shared environment, that's not something folks have access to.

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