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    I’m not a technical person (sorry), and just managed to get my head around editing pages from wp-admin. Now that the system has changed to ‘Blocks’, I have no idea how to edit the content on my pages! I go to the page, click ‘edit page’ and am met with a fraction of the information that is actually on that page… what am I doing wrong?

    Eg. I want to change the email address on my page for contact… but cant find it in ‘edit page’…HELP!



    Hi @adriangeorge190418, you should be able to click on the form, then click edit to adjust the address. If you need more help, could you link us to the affected page? Just copy the address and paste it here.


    Hi, I guessed that this is how it should work, but doesn’t work for me…



    Hi there,

    You’re site isn’t hosted with us on, but using the open source WordPress software found on, so I’m afraid we’re not able to help with this.

    For help with your version of WordPress, you can ask here instead:

    However, based on what you describe, it sounds like you might be using some kind of a page builder plugin. Many page builders add content to a page dynamically, so in the editor you’ll only see your page builder’s shortcode, rather than the actual content generated by that shortcode.

    If you’re using any plugin like that, contact support for that plugin directly instead, as they’ll be better able to help you in that case.


    Many Thanks Kokkieh,

    I didn’t set this up so this is new to me… I’ll try your suggestions.

    Thanks again!



    Hope you manage to get it sorted out!

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