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    I’m having trouble editing nameservers when I go to the menu it just says

    • Email >
    • DNS Records >

    I assume the domain service wordpress linked my website’s domain up with doesn’t support nameserver edits so I would at least like to know the current IPs for my A Records.

    Thanks in advanced.

    The blog I need help with is


    Aloha n1sfoop, It looks like you are working with a self-hosted site instead of the version supported here.

    Learn more about the differences between and

    Since it looks like your site is hosted by GoDaddy, this page may help you:

    If you are still having trouble, I would recommend searching on the support forums for similar issues. If you cannot find anything that works, you can start your own thread. The forums are completely separate from each other, so you will need to register an account there if you haven’t done so already.



    That’s not the case, I’m using (Made with the site builder and theme selector). The original (free) WordPress subdomain is I just don’t have the option to edit nameservers so WordPress says I should ask for the A Records they need to provide me if I can’t edit the nameservers. Also the domain ( was bought through wordpress as part of the Premium Plan.


    I apologize, now I see what you mean. You should be able to click on the DNS Records >and it will open your records and allow you to make changes.

    This page explains editing your DNS records in more depth:

    When mapping an existing domain registered with another host, the host may ask for an IP Address instead of (or in addition to) our nameservers. When possible we encourage people to add our nameservers rather than IP addresses because our IPs can change over time. If your registrar requires A records, you can contact support and we’ll provide you with a list of our current IP addresses.

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