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can't edit posts

  1. I can't edit or create content in any of my posts, old or new, as of today. I can see the post in Preview or Read Blog modes, but I can't see anything at all in the 'body' part of the post in Edit mode - so can't edit it. If I create a new post, I have the same problem - I can add a title, but when I click in the 'body' part, nothing happens - it's unclickable space. Does anybody else have a similar problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. whimsicalwhimsies1

    I'm having the same problem! If I highlight what I wrote, I can see it there.

  3. I'm having the same problem! I'm sure it will be fixed shortly...

  4. I am having the same problem.
    Noticed it yesterday. We are two admins for one blog and he can work as usual so it might have something to do with my computer/firefox/settings (not working on any browser)

  5. Somebody uploaded some scanning software recently - I was wondering if it had something to do with my computer too. Notice I can add body content in the shortcut version of 'New Post' - the one that opens up a smaller window.

  6. and you're right about highlighting - if you highlight the blank space you can see the html, but you can't edit it.

  7. Same here, it's like my blog just magically STOPPED WORKING. ... can someone help or explain what is the problem.

    Up until now everything had worked flawlessly.

  8. Same problem with mine since last evening. Hoping for a solution soon!

  9. Same problem here too. Very frustraiting but kinda glad I'm not on my own with this problem.

  10. I have exactly this problem since last night also...even worse that is that I needed to add some short code before the post went live this morning as it is included in a blogging carnival!
    I asked pretty much the same question before I realised it was a common problem at the moment it seems..

  11. Verified "Create a post isn't working" [resolved]: It seems that Adblock is causing the problem. It's an add-on by Firefox. I think Wp is trying to rectify the problem.

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