Can't edit slideshow order

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    I’ve searched the forums and support docs on this topic and could not find help. In fact, I found a post to the forum asking this same question and no one responded so it was closed.

    I can’t seem to reorder the photos for a slideshow I’m trying to post.

    What I tried:

    1. Uploaded 29 photos, which are accessible when I’m working on a post and I go to Add an Image->Gallery
    2. I reordered the photos in the order I want them using click and drag
    3. Saved All Changes
    4. Under Gallery Settings, I chose “Menu order” from the “Order Images by:” drop down and I selected Ascending as the order.
    5. Clicked on the Insert Slideshow button
    6. Previewed my post and the order is Descending instead of Ascending
    7. Tried the counterintuitive switching of the order setting to Descending…didn’t change the order
    8. Tried reversing the order of the photos using click and drag…didn’t work
    8. Tried renaming all the photos with numbers at the beginning of the image titles 1-, 2-, 3-, etc., then chose to order the gallery by Title and selected Ascending…didn’t change the order

    I’m out of ideas and would be grateful for assistance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Settings as you mentioned only applies to display gallery feature not run applied to slideshow.



    There are a few other supported slideshow services that you can use with Slide, RockYou and SlideShare.

    please check this:



    Thanks, duto.

    So, is there no way to reorder the photos for a slideshow, or is it simply based on the order in which they were uploaded?

    In the case of the latter, I suppose that the unchangeable order for slideshows is the order in which they were uploaded, starting from last upload to first?

    That would explain things, I suppose, but it’s pretty counterintuitive. I was very careful to upload the images in the order I’d want them to display in the slideshow, and so I’d have to upload photos in reverse order. That sucks.



    @drawingboard-After a bit of experimenting I find that I have no problem reordering my test slideshow. The way I did it was open the Gallery tab in the Image Uploader, reorder the photos by drag and drop, click on Save Changes and close the Image Uploader. After that I clicked to Update the post and the new order was displayed in the slideshow.

    You can completely ignore the lower half of the Gallery tab in the Image Uploader that deals with the Gallery as those settings don’t have any affect on the Slideshow.



    I tried that, justjennifer, but it didn’t work.

    I’ll try it again, though.




    Weird. Of course it worked this time.

    I’d swear I did the exact same thing last time.

    Oh well.


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