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can't edit the website link.. any help appreciated :)

  1. My question is simple really.. but I can't seem to do it

    i'l like to change my page from:


    I've tried "edit"ing it on my Pages link, but it just returns to -2

    please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It will always do that. That is because you have created two pages called Fitness.

  3. Thanks for you reply!

    That's the confusing part...
    I only have one page called fitness...

  4. You must have created one before, and deleted it. That's just how WP keeps track.

  5. 1) Delete the Page having "fitness" slug (if still present).

    2) Click on "Trash" link and delete it permanently.

    3) Now click "Quick Edit" link of the Page whose last portion of the URL you would like to change and and change the slug from "fitness-2" to "fitness". Click "Update".

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