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can't edit widgets

  1. The widgets for my blog worked when I first added them, now they don't. I can't edit the widgets I have added to my blog, I can't drag new ones into the sidebar or remove them. I tried changing the theme of my blog and that did nothing. I'm not having this problem with my other wordpress blog.

  2. What is the URL of your blog in question?


  3. Try closing out all other programs including all browsers except your blog. That worked for me.


    I have been having this problem for several days. I hope you can help.

  5. Sorry that link is wrong. I typed coaching instead of just coach. I keep doing that. lol.

  6. Since you are hosted here, we can see if we can sort it out. Just didn't know if you were from your original post. What browser are you using and can you describe exactly what you are doing and what is not working in as much detail as possible? Can you drag the widgets around? Do they just not stick in the right place?


  7. I'm using Mozilla Fire Fox browser. When I go to my widgets, I can't drag new ones in place or remove any( none of them move at all) and I can't get the text widgets to come up so I can edit the text.

  8. The same problem since a month !

  9. same problem for me 2

  10. IMHO this issue requires staff attention. Support hours are weekdays 9-5 PM However, staff do monitor these threads and this has been going on for some time for some of you so hopefully you will not have to wait that long

  11. Here is an email I got from support. This fixed my widget problem. Maybe it can help you guys too.

    Please sign out of then clear the browser cache - Tools >
    When you log back in, press ctrl and f5 on the widgets page

    Also check that no programs upgraded at the time things stopped?

  12. That's O.K. now with my widgets ! I've used Proxy Socks 5 via Firefox.
    Nice blogging.

  13. For reference:
    (1) Instructions for how to refresh or reload your browser are found here in the FAQs

    (2) Instructions for how to clear your cookies and cache are found here in the forum searchbox threads

  14. Thanks for yor help but it was not a problem of cookies and cache.
    The solution is Proxy 5.

  15. Hello there,
    I posted those two links above "for reference". As future bloggers will use the forum searchbox and pull these threads out looking for solutions I wanted those 2 to be there for them to find. :)

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