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    Hi, our video creation platform embed code doesn’t seem to work in websites (but it does in
    So, when a user paste our embed code in his webpage it’s shown, but after publishing, it is transformed in a regular url link instead of showing the video.

    For instance, this original embed code:
    <iframe frameborder=’no’ width=’960′ height=’540′ src=’’></iframe>

    Is transformed by wordpress in:

    I just wanted to know if there is some kind of restriction for our player, or if you can help us to see what we should modify or develop to change embed code and allow our users to embed their videos in WordPress websites. This is one of the main things our users are claiming us ‘my videos doesn’t work embedded in wordpress)

    Looking forward for any help
    Thank you very much

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    iframes are not supported on for security reasons, so if you put the iframe on your post/page, only an hyperlink will be displayed.

    For more information on what code is and is not allowed, please visit our support page:

    Is there another way you can add video to your blog? There are many ways we allow the embedding of video. For more information, please visit our support page:

    Hope this helps!



    Hi, thanks for your response.
    I just don’t understand why other embeds work, like YouTube and Wistia without installing any plug in.

    Do you need to be a WordPress partner or something like that?


    Hi there,

    Do you need to be a WordPress partner or something like that?

    Although we do work with some third parties, all approved html would work on whether we have a relationship with them or not. It is just that iframe is code that is not allowed. From what video source are you trying to embed?





    our embed code is an iframe
    <iframe frameborder=”no” width=”544″ height=”306″ src=”″></iframe>

    Do you think is there a way we can make our url work as an embeded video in wordpress? (as it work in, or even in facebook, if we paste a url of one of our users’s videos with our player, Facebook embeds it with no problem)

    Looking forward to your answer, thanks


    Hi there,

    I checked and confirmed that wideo isn’t embeddable on has more flexibility in what you can embed, but it is also more susceptible to security issues – which is why we don’t allow iframes.

    If possible, you can download the video and upload it to any of these video providers who we do allow embedding.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!



    Hi, thanks again.
    Pleas would you help me to understand how we could develop an iframe that transforms into a plug in code, like YouTube does?

    Please, if needed, put me in contact with some IT support person, so my developers can talk to her/him.

    Just a note: I’m not a single wordpress user that wants to upload one video, I’m the owner of a company with an online tool that have a million and a have registered users arround the world that create a lot of video content. Many of them, are marketing agencies that need to embed their videos (with our player) in their worpress webpages.

    Thank you so much, lookin forward to your answer.


    Hi there,

    Our developers are always looking for new features to add and if you submit this to our ideas forum, it’ll be submitted for consideration:


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