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Can't embed Blip TV

  1. Blip TV got themselves a make-over: new homepage. The embed option has disappered. These guidelines no longer works:

    I'd like a link to the new guidelines about embedding Blip TV on a WordPress blog, please? I need it right away, thanks. :-D)))

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I assume that you are aware that you need to contact Staff about this, right? Here's the contact link for you.

  3. Oops! I b0rked that link. Here's the correct one for you. :)

  4. Yes, I know. And I will. Soon. Promise. But a thread was easier - just wanted to put the issue to staff's attention. The threads are monitored by mods and others. :-)

    Besides: Vodpod still works. :-D

  5. It's the weekend and Staff are extremely busy.

  6. Dear extremely busy staff: I still can't embed Blip TV. And the guide lines haven't been updated...

  7. dedgurlcingztheblooze

    Has this been resolved yet? Over the weekend I was able to post a blip vid, but today I am having problems.

  8. @ dedgurlcingztheblooze: How did you do that? There's no code anymore? Blip TV took them down.

    Even VodPod is having trouble. Not all Blip TV videoes can be embedded via VodPod...

  9. dedgurlcingztheblooze

    I copied and pasted the standard video embed code, but since that day it hasn't worked. So I would say the sight did something different, not me. Up until this week all the vids on my blog were from blip, but out of frustration I just got a vimeo account.

  10. You can embed videos –or any video that provides a flash embed code– as shown here:

    To make it simpler for you, just copy the embed code and turn this:
    <embed src="etc etc etc" ></embed>
    to this:
    [gigya src="etc etc etc" ]
    Paste into HTML post or page editor. Dimensions can be changed.

  11. Thanks, panaghiotisadam. I'll give it a try...

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