Can’t Embed Flash??

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    Everytime I’ve been trying to embed flash in my posts, it just goes away. why is this? I am an administrator, but the code just… goes away…

    The blog I need help with is



    You nailed it in the title: you can’t embed Flash.

    It is a security risk, as is javascript, and it is always stripped out on blogs.

    If it’s a video, you can use a YouTube instead.



    Sounds like WORDPRESS is NOT the place for blogging. I use Flash on Google with No hyper pc nonsense. And WordPress has the audacity to charge people to imbed videos but not Flash! I imagine soon wordpress will ban images because it might upset terrorists – or “Words” for that manner! Gee. Now I gotta figure out how to delete my Blog! Thanks for the answer though. At least I diddn’t invest money into this Blog. I would have been angry if I spent all that cash and found out later that this is a politically correct site! I’ll pass the WORD so that others will be informed! Thanks again!


    Facebook, blogger and all the others out there constantly battle bad code inserted by users and bad user injected code has been responsible for a lot of downtime. I fix on average one blog per month due to bad code the blog owner has inserted into their blog.

    You can show videos on your blog here for free by uploading them to the supported video sharing services like dailymotion, or vimeo, or vodpod, or youtube, and others, and then using the video shortcode that wordpress provides to display and play the video in your blog.

    The world will not end for you or for wordpress if you go back to blogger. And there is that bonus that all blogger users get when they start a blog: Each and every blogger blog comes, free of charge, with over 300 XHTML validation errors before you even start blogging.

    Sadly wordpress does not offer this freebee and a new blog here has zero (0) errors when you start blogging.


    BTW, you are doing quite well with your blogger blog. has 610 errors and 128 warnings on your main page alone: .


    I took your link and tried my blog there to find out whether mine is having any error. I never expected it to display 174 errors! Because I don’t understand these errors, would you please help me in repairing these errors?
    I love wordpress and I cant imagine leaving it!


    @vimokshananda, A good portion of the errors showing on your blog you cannot do much about because they are in the vodpod widget code, but the following should correct quite a few of them for you.

    First off go to settings > writing and choose “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and click “save changes.”

    Next open each post on your main page in the editor, switch to the HTML editor, and then switch back to the visual editor, and then click “update post.” That should correct many of the errors.

    The change at settings > writing should help keep errors from creeping into your posts from now on.



    Flash and javascript are leftist? I had no idea.


    Thanks thesacredpath!
    I have done!


    You’re welcome.


    SacredPath, you stated that vimeo videos can be posted to wordpress… however, I’m attempted to use the embed code from the vimeo player (you know, at the end of the video, you can click share or embed) and it’s still not displaying. Any ideas?



    You don’t use that code. You use the special WordPress shortcode. Instructions are in the Support documentation:


    I can embed this video just fine in one of my WordPress blogs, but in the other blog, WordPress stripes the embed code out. I am the admin for both blogs. Why is this happening?

    <embed wmode=”opaque” src=”″ FlashVars=”″ width=”456″ height=”344″ bgColor=”#FDE6CD” scale=”noscale” allowScriptAccess=”always” allowFullScreen=”true” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=””> </embed>


    Is the blog you can embed it in self-hosted on a third-party hosting site such as godaddy or dreamhost, etc.? There are BIG differences between what is allowed at the wordpress.COM free-hosting service, and what you can do at a self-hosted blog.


    This support document explains the major differences: .



    Hmm, I tried that validator link too to check mine, though I think Im quite ok it says ‘only’ 15 errors (regarding my other blog), they all seems to be an error concerning this:

    …/10/justwhite.jpg” alt=”white” />

    with the last “>” endtag being the error. But if I don’t include this endtag, then the code is not ‘finished’ right?What could be the error here?

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