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Can't Embed (text) or Insert (via URL) Images

  1. When I find images via Morguefile, Flickr Creative Commons, or other such sites and try to insert images into posts, it doesn't work. Website allows me in draft, to insert the URL or the Embed Code. However, saving the draft or trying to publish takes away the code.

    I'm left with just the URL address when inserting via the visual editor or nothing at all when trying to insert via text editor.

    I can, however, insert when hosted on my site--which I don't want to do for all pics because of space limitations. I'd love to be able to include pics that are hosted elsewhere.

    This is a site. Zoren theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What exact code are you using? What exact URL?

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  5. There is not one particular code or url because it hasn't seemed to work for any pic I was trying to insert in Flickr.

    For instance, when I grab the embed code for this creative commons picture by Flickr user Rupert Ganzer and insert it into a post, I can insert it, but it disappears after saving the draft and no picture is inserted.


    <iframe src="" width="500" height="333" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>

    The same holds when I try to insert the pic via url: However, here, the image never appears on the "Insert from URL" page after putting the URL into the box. Then just the URL link (as text) shows up in the post.

    I thought this might be an issue of the picture size I was choosing, but the same holds for other sizes.

    I was, however, successful this AM as I pulled a link to a morguefile pic and inserted via URL. The URL is

    Because this URL worked I'm left thinking it's either a Flickr Issue or my issue with how I use Flickr.

  6. Iframes never work here. They are stripped out because they are insecure. is not the URL of an image. It is the URL of a page on Flickr. The URL of that actual image is

  7. Thanks. That's good to know about Iframes. Guess I didn't know they were insecure. Now I understand. Thanks.

  8. They really are dangerous, although I do think WP should whitelist Flickr. It's pretty secure.

    Get the URL of the actual image itself from the "see all sizes" page on Flickr.

  9. Again, thanks. I have two sites and this is my first site that I've actually posted anything to. Didn't know iFrames were a problem

    What is the issue with those pics and are there other sites that, perhaps, could be whitelisted because they are more secure?

  10. No, the flaw is with iframes. The format means that it just opens a window on your blog to the destination and anything could come through.

    I highly recommend downloading the image, then uploading it to your media library, giving credit to the source of course. It's better for SEO reasons and if that guy closes his Flickr account your blog still has the picture.

  11. I will take your recommendation to heart. Thanks for that. It's something I didn't know.

    Chalk that up to "you learn something new every day"

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