Can’t embed video from camera

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    Paid for the video upgrade but have a sinking feeling my camera video isn’t supported. I think it’s MVI? My blog is Have a pressing need to show video of my baby chicks…

    The blog I need help with is


    This lists the video types that can be uploaded with the space upgrade: .



    It would be helpful to know what kind of camera goes with the listed video types. Hard to understand that video from a typical camera is not supported (Canon ELPH). Does uTube accept video from my camera? Could I post it there and then somehow transfer it to my blog? Cuz now I’m out the $60 and no closer to embedding video…



    Have you asked YouTube if YouTube accepts video from your camera and whether you can post it there and transfer it somewhere else?

    Have you asked Canon if YouTube accepts video from your Elph?


    Did you bother to read the manual for the phone? My phone manual tells me the format it outputs.


    Sorry, I meant camera. Did you check the manual for the camera?



    “did I bother”?
    For those of you deeply immersed in the world of the virtual, it may be easy to forget that there are those of us for whom this is all very intriguing yet confusing and intimidating. Yes, I have “bothered” to try to understand these format. No, I do not understand them. Sorry to have “bothered” you.


    @polloplayer, we don’t know cameras. We know wordpress.COM. Every year or less, cameras are completely replaced with new version and trying to keep up with them would be a nightmare.

    Do you want me to do all the research for you? If so give me the exact model number of your camera, I’ll go to Canon’s site and find out what formats it supports (using a Google search). Some cameras use a proprietary format, and if it is a proprietary format, then it is unlikely to be supported by anyone. If the format isn’t one that is supported here, then you will need to convert it to a format that is supported. Your camera should have come with a CD with some programs on it for working with the videos and images that come off of the camera.



    We also don’t know YouTube; we know

    And we know that attacking the messenger, not the message, is neither helpful nor conducive to any adult exchange.



    ellaella, I believe that I, the user, who has paid for multiple upgrades, was the one who was attacked. If you can’t answer the question, blaming the person who asks is neither helpful nor conducive to any adult exchange. I’m really surprised, after shelling out the kind of money I have on this site, to be attacked in this way.


    @pollo, I’m sorry if I offended you and I apologize. The thing is it is very difficult for any of us to keep up with all the digital cameras and digital video recorders and such. There are just too many and they change too fast. I have two same-brand digital cameras, similar models with one a year older than the other, and they both put out completely different formats for video.

    In the menus of your camera for the video, there should be a place where you can choose what format to record in. Personally I would go with mp4. AVI I’ve had issues with in the past (and not just with wordpress). Make sure when you download the video to your computer that the file actually has the .mp4 extension.

    There also should have been some software that came with your camera for working with still images and with videos. Many times that software will give you the ability to save the video as a different format (such as going from AVI to MP4).

    Since I don’t have the exact model of your camera, I cannot go online and try to figure out what formats it puts out. There are some that use a proprietary format and then you have to convert it with the software they include, or use a video format converter.

    If you give me the make and model of your camera, I’ll do the research.

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