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Can't Enter Data Into Text Widget; It Just Disappears

  1. My problem is every time I try to edit the Text Widget, it just disappears.
    (1) I click on "Text Widget" to add a text widget.
    (2) The widget appears on my sidebar.
    (3) I click on [edit] on the widget.
    (4) The widget vanishes.

    How do I edit my newly added text widget?

  2. Can we have a link to your blog? The one linked in your username is not a blog.

    If you are hosted here, what browser are you using?

  3. it happens with ie 7. if that's the case, use firefox.

  4. yeah i have the same problem. I know its IE 7 doing it but i dont want to change to firefox. IE 7 pretty much hates WP. =(

  5. This is what you should do (it works for me at least):

    You will need to add an additional step to your list:

    (2.5) Click "Save Changes" (the button below your widgets) and you will get an empty text widget.
    (3) Now click on [edit] on the text widget and everything will be okay.

    Hillel :)

  6. That doesn't work for me either. I am trying to paste code for a "Share This" button. First the text box disappears. So I Save the new text box first, then go in to edit it. Whether I choose Change or Save or both, the contents disappear. I am SO frustrated. I am trying to stick it out, but as a recent convert, I guess I am used to Blogger.

  7. I agree with hillelstoler that problem has happened to be before do I used that source and it worked.
    It's a bug that happens to me all the time! :(

  8. same here :(

  9. turtlestravel - what code are you trying to post for the "Share this" button? If it contains javascript or frames, it will not save the contents.

  10. So how do you paste javascript or frames or forms. I would like to add an autoresponder capture fields.

  11. How do you add javascript or iframes or forms? You can not add javascript or iframes or forms to blogs on

  12. hillelstoler's thing worked. Yay. THANKS ALOT HILLELSTOLER!

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