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can't expand thumbnails in posts

  1. I uploaded .jpgs to two posts. The thumbnails don't expand when I click on them. This was never a problem in the past.
    Blog url:

  2. Please post the URLs for both of the posts that this issue is being experienced on.

  3. The pictures are not linked to their corresponding files.
    Scroll down to item 4 to see the picture of the box used for inserting an image. Note the red 5 where it says "link url." Select "file" so your small image will then open as a full-sized picture.
    Save changes (update)

  4. Thank you.

    New question: I chose to discourage search engines from indexing my blog, but I did not choose to make the blog private. So, the blog will still be open to the public if they type the URL in their address bar, right?

  5. Yes, that is correct. So if you invite someone to read your blog, they can do so using the URL. They could even bookmark your blog or if you add a subscribe button, get emails whenever you post.

  6. Thanks.

    When you suggested I select "File" when uploading images, you meant the "File URL" button, correct? I did that and the images are clickable, but I'm still not getting full-sized images. The images are opening in another window but they're staying the same size they are in the post.

  7. Yes, but you have this:

    This part is calling for an image 231px wide: ?w=231
    Delete that and your pic will open full-sized.

  8. It worked! So, from now on, I'll make sure I hit the "File URL" button and delete whatever is after the file extension. Thanks, again.

  9. I'm not sure why that width definition was included: usually as you insert a picture it doesn't do that. So yes, it's worth noticing.

    Also wp usually remembers the settings you used last time you inserted a picture so if you choose the link to be the file url once, next time it will already be selected. But sometimes wp "forgets" or you insert a photo in a different way…

    any rate, I'm glad it's working now!

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