Can’t figure out how to swith post into different category

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    Hi, I forgot to create a new category and then put my latest post (all my posts are writing samples) into that category. So now it’s in wrong category.
    I was successful (I think) in creating a new category but for the life of me I cannot figure how to move my already published post from one category to another.

    I did read the WP tutorial, Googled it AND looked in this forum but nada, zip, zilch. Please help as for a writer it’s most important that writing samples are displayed in correct category.


    The blog I need help with is



    Ha! Once again, I figured it out…finally. The place to switch categories (and add tags, etc.) is under Quick Edit.

    But to me, the name “Quick Edit” sounds like it would have LESS editing options, rather than more. To me it should say Detailed Edit! And I am an writer/editor which is ironic. :)


    You could have done it in the Categories module of the regular post editor: you uncheck the wrong category and check the right one, if it exists, or click Add New, if it doesn’t.

    Quick Edit is better in this case, because its faster (hence the name). But no, it doesn’t have more options: all its options are available in the regular editor too, and it’s missing all the options for editing the content of the post.

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