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Can't find blog under "My Blogs"

  1. I cannot find the blog under the My Blogs. I can go to the URL and it shows a WordPress Blog, but I have no ability to edit it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no blog linked to your username. Will you please post the URL starting with http:// to it?

  3. Can you access the Dashboard directly at ?

  4. Yes, that works! So why isn't it showing up in my Dashboard with all of my other blogs?

  5. I'm not entirely sure.

    Is this where you're looking?!/my-blogs/

  6. Yup, I see other blogs of mine on there but not the one in question

  7. Ok, head on over to

    If it's visible there, just check it and choose "Show Blog" from the drop-down menu.

  8. That was it. Thanks. I hate it when it's user error! :)

  9. You're welcome!

  10. kohinoordevroy

    Hi I cannot find my blog in WordPress. the email adress with which I created the blog is [email removed from public forum]....I had 6-7 posts with my picture,,,now the entire blog is missing,,its like a new account I cannot understand what to be done,,please help

  11. There are no blogs attached to your kohinoordevroy account or the email address you provided. Do you remember the URL of your blog?

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