Can't find how to get to Domain Management

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    Hi, I’m stumped and hoping someone can help me.

    I’m moving my site from to, and I need to change the nameservers for it to make the switch. So I read the Domain Management infomation page ( and it seems straightforward. Except that I can’t for the life of me figure out how to log into my Domain Manager.

    The information page says to

    Go to Store → Domains in your blog’s Dashboard.
    Look for Domain Administration and change the password.
    Copy or write down your Customer Number.
    Click the Manage Your Domains link.

    So I go Store > Domains, but then there is no “Domain Administration” link/button ANYwhere! I’ve clicked on everything, looked all over, and I just can’t see it! I’ve checked in both FF and IE, but there’s no difference. It’s making me a bit crazy because I really need to do this switch this weekend and it seems like it should be straightforward, but I’ve fallen at the first hurdle. Can anyone tell me where I’m supposed to look or why I can’t see it?’s Support says they’re closed until Monday, so I’m really really hoping someone here can help me. Many thanks in advance for any help,

    The blog I need help with is



    Those instructions only apply if you have a custom domain name here. If you don’t, you need to follow THESE instructions:


    Raincoaster, thanks so much for your reply.

    I’m not sure what you mean by a “custom domain name” (forgive me, I’m not that technical), but the domain I’m trying to change is my own, and was bought through

    I thought it would show up when I posted here, but I see the avatar came up as my other blog. The domain I’m trying to change nameservers for is So, it’s my own domain and, as I said, I bought it via… so should I be able to access Domain Management from my dashboard?

    Thanks again for your speedy reply!


    Well, I’ve managed to change my nameservers, but not actually found the answer to the original question. :/

    There are two adminstrators to the spacecadetcreations blog, so I signed in using the other administrator’s name and password and, lo!, when I went Store > Domain, there was the elusive Domain Administration area! From there, I was able to follow the info page’s instructions with no problems and changed the nameservers.

    But I am absolutely flummoxed as to why the entire Domain Administration area doesn’t appear at all under my own login. Really odd. If anyone has any idea why, I’d love to know.

    Thanks again for your help,



    Ah, that’s a drama-prevention device. We had a lot of people making friends Admins of their blogs and then the “friends” would do things like delete the blogs. Also, domains belong to individuals or corporations, not teams. There’s some legal reason for that. So only one person can be in charge of the domain.



    Ah! Ok, that makes sense. Also, it makes me feel better to know I’m not going crazy (because for a good five minutes there, it really felt like I was!).

    Thanks for your help, Raincoaster. I really appreciate it. :)

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