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Can't find my About page:

  1. Hi,

    Today I added a category to my blog, and when I did, my About page disappeared! What happened? How do I get it to display on my sidebar again? Thanks.


  2. please provide a link to your blog

  3. Yikes, this has just happened to me too, so I'm looking forward to the answer.

  4. The page is still there:

    Perhaps you need to add the pages links to the sidebar again?

  5. Thank you! I did find and drag the Page link and now it's back. I still have no idea a) why you could find it but I couldn't, and b) where the heck it went and why, since it used to be on the front page.

    Now I have another question, though. Along with the About page there's now also a Home page button that I'd like to get rid of. But I have no idea how to do that.

    Total blog newbie here, apologies.

  6. I'm another newbie who has lost my about page. I'm not overly concerned but if I can get it fixed great. I don't understand the drag and add pages link above.

  7. Do NOT get rid of your HOME link; it's the link to your blog. Don't even try to delete it. Horrible unintended consequences will be yours should you ever succeed.

    robkat, it's always easier to help you if we can see your blog, and the easiest way to facilitate that is to link your username to your blog. You do that on your Dashboard --> Profile.

    And the "Add Pages Link" thing refers to adding the Pages widget into the sidebar. If the Pages widget isn't there, you can't see any of the pages in most templates. Go to Presentation --> Widgets and make sure the Pages widget is put in the sidebar, then hit Save Changes.

    Not all templates have an About Page, so if you change templates you can lose them. Put the widget in your sidebar and if you've written an About page it should show up. if you didn't write one yet, you can and you can call it Bio, or About or anything you want.

  8. Thanks, Raincoaster, I promise never to try to delete. I will, however, move its large obnoxiousness down the page a tad.

  9. Hello. I have the same problem. I am using the Hemingway theme. I tried all these above but my About page is still hidden! Do you any idea how do I get it back on my sidebar? Thank You.


  10. Do you have an about page, Fadi? As far as I can tell, you never created one.

  11. I created it in "My Profile". It disappeared after I changed the theme.

  12. the one in your profile would only appear in your profile.

    you have to copy that information again and put it in a page. dashboard -> write -> write page

    publish it then you can see your about page. =)

  13. Thanks.

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