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cant find my blog on the search bar of

  1. when I log out of my blog and than try to find it (blabberista) on search bar it sais that there is no blog found
    It's really hard for people who don't know about it to know about it when there is no chance to find it
    Please help!!!
    Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The search bar at the top right corner does not search for URLs. It looks for the search string within either all public posts or comments, whichever is specified. So, a search for "blabberista" will only make the search engine look for it within posts/comments, and not among URLs of WP blogs.

    Moreover, when people want to find something, they type what they're looking for. So people will come to your blog if it contains what they want to read: bird photography, undersea volcanoes, whatever. People generally don't search for random blog names.

    The best way to have more people know bout your blog is to keep posting. So, happy blogging. :)

  3. thanks:)

  4. Your blog name will turn up in that search is if it is mentioned by name in a post on your blog or other WP blogs. When I did a search for my blog, I realized it turns up in the search for posts twice The first mention was my very first post, to explain why I chose the unusual name "Amusing the Zillion." My blog is about Coney Island and the second mention was about my frustration that "What rides are in Coney Island? or is Coney Island Open? were among the top search terms used to arrive at Amusing the Zillion.

    Usually in my posts I refer to myself/my blog with the acronym ATZ. I've noticed that when other blogs link to posts, they sometimes prefer the acronym, especially if the blog name is a bit long. You won't have that problem, blabberista! Great name for a blog

  5. i know...:) i just wanna see plenty of people in it.
    so you are saying i need to write blabberista in the
    post in order to see it in the search?

  6. yes, if the name of your blog appears in a post or on your "About" page, it should turn up on WP search. The simplest way to do this, and I've seen this on several WP blogs, is probably "Welcome to [name of blog]" on the About page.

    What you don't want to do is write the name of your blog simply to get it picked up by search. That would be word spamming! The reason I mentioned the two examples of my blog turning up in WP search was to make it clear that I had relevant reasons for writing the name of my blog in a post. If you do a search on WP of some of the blogs that appear on the home page, you'll see that they refer to themselves just a few times. But the majority of the results are other blogs linking to them by name. That's much better, of course!

    While it's true no one would search for "Blabberista" if they didn't know about it first, I do have quite a few search referrals for the name of my blog. Perhaps people heard about it and remembered the name?

    your original question brings up another question, how can we search for by name?

  7. oops...
    in the last sentence I meant to can we search for blogs by name?

  8. i think that there is no way to search it on wordpress but you should try at google blog search.
    any way...i wrote blabberista in a post and it still can't be found on the search

  9. The WordPress Search searches by tags I believe.

  10. @blabberista, perhaps your new post is not indexed yet? is it on Google yet? I think it will turn up eventually. As I mentioned, my blog name turns up in the search in the two cases when it appears in posts.

    @t3ck, My recent experience using the WP search to tag surf is that the results were not strictly limited to tags, though I expected it would be. I was pleasantly surprised!

  11. The WP search is on blog CONTENT, not on blog names.

  12. I can not google my blog I need to put a link in another blog or in a comment. Anyone who likes to promote his or her book? It's free.

  13. is it possible he was not logged in?

  14. It's probable he was mis-spelling it, looking at that post.

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