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can't find options

  1. I just started a account. Both "WordPress for Dummies" and the Forums make reference to the "Options tab" on the dashboard, but I can't find it! Either it's somehow missing from my site or I need better glasses. Even a page search didn't turn it up. Can someone direct me to the General Options page?

  2. It has changed to "Settings".

  3. Let's start with the link to your blog, please, including the http://

    Then, what exactly is it you want to do? Things sometimes change around here without advance announcement...

  4. Pangaghiotisadam, thanks.

  5. @panaghiotisadam two thumbs up!

    @timy65-I also have "Wordpress for Dummies" and find it very helpful for wordpress.COM as well, but we've actually moved on from 2.5 to 2.6, which while not a huge update, as you can see still has differences.

    BTW-the reason I requested the URL of your wordpress.COM blog is since we run different software on wordpress.COM, users of self-hosted wordpress need to ask in their support forum on ORG. HTH Cheers!

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