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    I’m trying to install a new plugin on my wordpress account. But the menu doesnt show “Plugins”. Why do I not have this option and how can I get “Plugins” in my menu? Can anybody help me?

    Ich habe einen Blog bei wordpress und wollte gerade nach plugins suchen. Leider habe ich gar keine Plugin-Option bzw. taucht “Plugin” nicht im Menü auf. Wie kriege ich es da rein, damit ich ein neues Plugin installieren kann? Weiß das jemand?

    The blog I need help with is



    We don’t allow plugins on for security reasons. Plugins are a feature only available for self-hosted blogs provided through

    However, we do have some really cool widgets. Perhaps one of those might meet your needs?


    Maybe if you would provide a widget that allowed javascript I would be so upset that I’ve switched over to wordpress from blogger and paid money for a blog that doesn’t have what I need. I guess that was my bad for not researching it first. I just assumed you would have that ability.



    Are you ware of how JavaScript works?This is a multiuser blogging platform and all of our blogs share a common architecture? That means is one bad script is posted on a single blog then many blogs can go down. Blogger blogs are free standing so if a bad script is posted only the blog it’s posted on goes down.



    I’ve switched over to wordpress from blogger and paid money for a blog that doesn’t have what I need. provides a 30-day refund on all of our upgrades except Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, and Guided Transfers.

    Provided you are logged in under the same username account that purchased the upgrades, you can request a refund yourself directly from the Store section of your Dashboard
    If applicable please read also and/or

    Note: The refund can take 1-2 weeks to post back to your account.


    Clearly I wasn’t aware of that or I wouldn’t have asked such a dumb question, so thank you for pointing that out to me and not making me feel like an idiot.



    You’re welcome and I’m sorry this happened to you.

    You don’t have to move back to Blogger if you don’t wish to. You can hire a web host and set up your own install and use JavaScript. Here’s a comparison of WordPress.COM blogs and WordPress.ORG installs.


    Evidently, you didn’t detect the sarcasm in my post. You did actually make me feel like an idiot, which is fine. Clearly I’m not technologically savvy enough to be using WordPress. Unfortunately, I switched over while in the middle of an international move in January and just barely got the chance to try and add the features I was hoping to add, so the thirty-day money back isn’t really going to help me. It just never occurred to me that a blog I paid for wouldn’t have at least the same functionality as one that was free. Next time I’ll know better and get one o my tech savvy friends to help me understand what I’m getting and not getting.



    Sarcasm does not come across well in comment boxes and if and when I assume I detect it I ignore it.

    I’m so sorry you did not take what I posted above in the spirit it was posted in. It’s unfortunate that this happened to you. Please feel free to request a refund using the instructions I provided above.



    PS – did you know that the staff have built in over 100 popular Plug-ins into the themes here? They just don’t call the functions “Plug-ins” – many of the Widgets started as a Plug-in and many of the Gallery features and some short code started as Plug-ins.



    There are tradeoffs to every platform; the tradeoffs made here are for security purposes, and it always pays to do your homework in advance before committing to a platform.

    Since you haven’t given the specifics of what exactly you were trying to do (other than “use javascript”) we are unable to suggest ways to accomplish this on your blog.


    Yes. Understood. Unfortunately, in the case of technology and platforms, I often don’t know what I don’t know so it makes things difficult. I do understand this is my own ignorance at work. I was just a little frustrated by being asked the question about whether I knew how JavaScript worked in what seemed to me a very rude way. I recognize now that it was not intended that way.

    As for what I’m looking for, it’s the ability to track not just visitors to my page and what country they are coming from, but also the specific cities and specific referrals for individual visitors. This is a functionality that sitemeter provides, but the latter of the two is not available when using the html coding, and the stats information available through WordPress does not provide the detail I’m looking for.

    If you are aware of another stats tracking site that would allow me to track that information without using JavaScript or if WordPress is planning to upgrade its capabilities, that would solve my problem.

    And apologies to all for how my comments came out last night. It was very late (I’m currently in Japan) and I was extremely frustrated. No excuse for being rude, however.




    As for what I’m looking for, it’s the ability to track not just visitors to my page and what country they are coming from, but also the specific cities and specific referrals for individual visitors.

    That’s a no go here but can be done on a install.



    You can get that using something basic like Clustrmaps. I use the widget. There are many recommendations on TT’s blog with specific instructions about using them on, so search through for “Stats” and related terms and I’m sure you’ll find something that will do the job easily.


    Thank you, raincoaster, that’s very helpful! I should have initially shared what I was looking for and this conversation would have been much easier. I appreciate the help finding a solution!



    I am the blogger that raincoaster is referring to as TT and my reply to you above stands.

    None of the many visitor tracking programs I have tested and used on free hosted will provide the kind detail you specify above.



    Ah, I should have read closer. Right, you can’t get specific referrals for specific individuals, but you CAN get the cities they come from.

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