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    I’ve been reading about post formats and I’d like to use the one that’s for very short posts since this blog only deals with my current status and availability. I’ve read that the Format box should be to the right of the Edit Post box and below the Publish box. Um, nope! At least it wasn’t there the last five times I’ve checked–and I kid you not. Therefore, I have to assume that I’m doing something wrong or this theme, Choco, doesn’t support it. Any advice would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    Not all themes support post formats, and those that do do not all support all of them or even the same ones.


    You are using Chateau (if you are talking about the site linked to your username). Open the post editor, click on “screen options” at upper right, select “post formats” and then the module should appear.


    “I’m doing something wrong or this theme, Choco, doesn’t support it.”
    Choco doesn’t support it.


    @thesacredpath Thanks for the link. It helped a lot. As for the blog, I’ve got two under this username. I was interested in using post formating for The Good Scribe. Words From The Wicked Woman doesn’t need it since I’ll be posting longer entries there–by next week, I hope.

    @panaghiotisadam Yes, according to the list, post formating isn’t supported by choco.

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