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can't find the HTML and Visual mode button in editor

  1. menphotography

    Im creating a new blog, using theme "manifest" with 4 widgets. Here's my problem:
    when I'm creating a post, I prefer using visual mode. BUt every time i start to create, it automatically uses the HTML mode, and -you must be aware of this- those two button of VISUAL and HTML on the right side of the editor aren't there. I can't find it.So I can't with the HTML mode to visual mode. Any help upon this matter? thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. menphotography

    I meant I can't switch the HTML mode to visual mode due to the lack of the buttons. I really need help, because I'm big dummies when it comes to html thingy. :-(

  3. menphotography

    im so frustated i can't find the visual and html button ( folder ) on creating 'new post' and seems none here to help :-(((((

  4. Hello there,
    If you go to publish a new post or page on your blog and find that the Visual Editor is absent from view, please don’t panic. This is most likely due to a browser cache error or a simple misconfiguration in your user profile.

    clearing your browser cache and cookies >

    Access your Personal Settings and uncheck the Disable the visual editor when writing option in the Personal Options section.

    Missing Visual Editor - Troubleshooting

  5. HTML mode to visual mode due to the lack of the buttons

    Are you stuck in distraction free writing mode?

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