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Can't find the plugins option

  1. survivingdhaka

    Hi Im new to WP, I tried to install a plugin, but I cant seem to find the plugins tab in my admin page, I looked at a few screenshots on other pages, the plugins tab is supposed to be on the left side on the admin page, but I dont have it on mine. FYI im using google chrome and have the Regulus theme. any help would be appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. survivingdhaka

  3. I cannot use plugins on is the way wordpress it's working, or it is just a bad setting on my own blog?

  4. lorrena
    No, we can not use plug-ins on
    It has nothing to do with the settings on you blog.
    Read the links in my post just above yours.

  5. akmarauthenticperfume

    are you sure we can't use plug-ins? I've been told that we can use -i am still figuring how

  6. panaghiotisadam

  7. We're positive. Please read the link tess provided above called "please read me first before posting."

  8. Plugins only work with self-hosted blogs using the software from wordpress.ORG, not here. See the following two sticky threads from the top of the main forum page for the differences between wordpress.ORG and wordpress.COM.

  9. The person who told you you can use plugins on a blog does not know as much as any of us. We are unanimous, and we have several thousand pages worth of technical answers provided in the forums here. We do know what we're talking about; you've been given the wrong information.

  10. is it not possible to use buddypress on a wordpress site?

  11. Not here at wordpress.COM, it isn't. If you self-host your blog using the software from wordpress.ORG, then you can use buddypress.

  12. then.. how I updated to local hosting? I will keep same address?

  13. No, you won't.

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