Cant FTP with WordPress Plugins but can with local ftp client

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    I am trying to add a new plugin to my new wordpress site (ver 3.2.1) hosted locally on a centos 6 linux box. from my workstation (windows xp) i can issue a command prompt, type in “ftp” and get an ftp prompt. I then issue an “open” and get a user prompt. I type in the username and password and get a “230 Login successful”, where i can issue commands like “pwd” “ls” “cd temp” and “put”. all seems good.

    so now i go to the admin panel for the website (, choose Plugins, Add New, Search Plugins for “EZPZ Backup”, select Install Now, select OK to install plugin, enter in hostname:, ftp username:webadmin, ftp passowrd:W3b@Dm1N, Connection type is FTP, and then select Proceed. Instead of Wallah, i get the standard response of: Failed to connect to FTP Server

    what do i have to do to get wordpress to install plugins? Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


    fyi, this is not about site, but my own linux based locally hosted wordpress site…



    your at the wrong forum:


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