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    i really want to COMPLETELY delete this website and URL:

    after following instructions from the wordpress site, i thought i had removed everything, but then i just received an email from wordpress telling me my site had been updated. the email included this link (above), which leads to a webpage with a title and selection bar at the top.

    i no longer need the site or the URL. if i log into wordpress and click on ‘my site’ it says i have no site, but then why is there this half-page online?

    thanking you in advance if you can help out!



    Hi there,
    It looks like you are using WordPress.ORG for your website( and it is hosted at 1&1 Internet AG.

    So i am sorry… but you have posted your issue in the wrong forum. This forum only supports the sites hosted on WordPress.COM and not elsewhere.

    Both(WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG) are different products. You can find out the differences between them here:

    To get help in resolving your issue, post your question on the WordPress.ORG support forum:

    We are sorry that we cannot help you. Hope your issue gets resolved ASAP.

    Thanks! 🙂


    hi otpidusprime,

    ok, thanks for the prompt info, i will go and do that..




    You are most welcome Simon 😇

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