How do I add spaces between paragraphs on my posts?

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    All my previous posts have spaces between paragraphs (from hitting return/enter). But today, no matter how hard I try, I CANNOT get spaces between the paragraphs. I KNOW everyone is busy but I could REALLY use some help.
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    It looks like you were using div tags which might have caused the issue. I removed them and added line breaks using the return key and everything is formatted properly at

    What web browser are you using? Please try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

    Were you using the HTML or Visual editor?



    Thank you so very much for your help! I LOVE WordPress and now I love WordPress support!

    I use Safari and have used Safari since the beginning.
    I have no idea what a div tag is – I’m truly ignorant of much of this stuff.

    BUT for months previous, when I hit enter/return – I got a line space between paragraphs, which was my objective.

    How do “div” tags get into one post and not others?

    Thanks for your help, again.



    Oops – I forgot part of your question : HTML or Visual editor?
    I don’t know – sorry – when a window comes up for New Post, I just start typing.




    In that case, it’s probably the Visual editor (referring to the Visual vs HTML tabs above the editor window).

    Sometimes, junk like extra div tags can magically make their way into posts, usually only when switching between the Visual and HTML tabs or repeatedly editing the post.



    Like little fairies, eh? I get that! Thanks so much for all the help.
    Have a great evening


    I think it’s more likely to happen from copying and pasting content from another source or another blog post. Another way to fix that type of issue if you see it happen again is to use the visual editor and make sure the Style for each block of text is set to “Paragraph” in row 2 of the visual editing icons:



    You know, now that I think of it, that’s exactly what I did – a cut and paste from a WORD document.

    You are WISE, WISE ONE!


    PS – may I say again that I LOVE WordPress?



    One more WOW for you! How did you get my link of the gallery video into a picture on the post? It looks great – I had no idea how to do that!

    Once again, a genius! Blessings to you


    Sounds like WordPress magic to me. :)


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