Can’t get a URL html to be a hyperlink

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    What am I doing wrong? I have followed instructions from two different places, but still the whole web address just reads out, like this:

    [url=]This Post[/url]

    From this post:

    I have tried it before too, without success and am at a loss to figure out what I’ve done wrong.



    Get the code that starts with <a href=


    <a href="">This Post</a>


    Thank you for typing out this really basic code for me. I pasted it right in, and it is still just showing all the text.
    I know there must be some space, slash, quote or something I am just not seeing, but I don’t know what it is.




    Go to where you are about to write a post. And then click where it says link:

    A box shows up and you clear that and place the url link there:

    Then press Okay.

    Then click link again so the tag closes = /link

    Then in between ><, you write what you want the clickable link to read as to others:


    the code i posted has to be pasted into the Code tab of the editor. otherwise wordpress converts the < symbols into graphic entities.



    Does this help?


    OK, I get it. Thanks for all the help.
    Obviously, this is really basic, first the HTML code which I looked up, then knowing the steps in WordPress.
    Is there some place to look up such basic stuff?



    Basic stuff like what? Basic html codes?



    Here’s an html chart that may be helpful.


    “Basic Stuff”, i.e. the simple stuff in WordPress. I figured out the basic HTML code (well, you gave it to me), but still didn’t know the “link” step in WordPress to make it work. I thought my error was in transcribing the code, did not realize there was an additional step, so had no idea to look for that. So is there a place other than searching through these forums haphazardly, to get basic help?
    Thanks for the html chart too.



    So you can’t get the editor, when you write a post, to make a clickable hyperlink?

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