Can't get all the categories to show in my menu

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    I can’t seem to get all the categories listed under the menu. When I save/publish the menu, some items are only shown on the website missing others. It was fine yesterday, but now half of the menu is missing.

    Another thing, some sub-menu don’t show the listed posts when I click on them, while others do!

    Any idea why this is happening? Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the site you are talking about. The site linked to your username does not have a custom menu.


    True, I removed the customed menu this morning, as it was not showing the pages I wanted to show.

    I returned it now. Please check it: (theme: oulipo)




    Comparing the number of posts shown in the category pulldown with the number of posts I’m seeing when I click on a category in your custom menu, I’m seeing the number of posts I should.

    When you put categories into a custom menu, they will not show the posts as sub menu items. Is that what you are wanting?


    I don’t see any submenus on your categories.


    Ok. I can’t see the bottom 4 items on the menu, on the live site.

    I meant by sub-menu: i can’t click on one of the items showing in the menu (Microblogs- which is category)


    How did you create the category menu items?

    Go into your custom menu page, delete the “microblogs” category in the custom menu, save your custom menu and then add it back in and see if that fixes it.


    Ok, this is sorted now. But I still have the problem of the bottom items not showing.

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