can't get back to my original design from earlier today. Help!

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    I’m trying to revert to my original blog design. For some reason, the changes I was playing with became permanent. Help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Changes to your design are never permanent. You can make additional changes by changing the settings under the Appearance menu in your Dashboard. What specifically are you having problems changing?


    I would like to return to my previous blog appearance, which was not the template that the blog currently occupies. I don’t know how my “trial” turned into a “permanent” appearance. I was only experimenting yesterday, and then I couldn’t get back to my original blog design.


    To change your blog back to the original theme, go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes and click the Activate link under the theme you wish to use.

    If you only wish to preview a theme, click the Live Preview link, and then click Cancel in the bottom right if you do not wish to activate it.

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