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Can't get blogroll to show although theme had a blogroll.

  1. I have added links, and I switched to a theme that had a blogroll showing, but my links still don't show. How do I fix this? I think it stopped showing the blog roll when I marked wordpress blogs that came with my blog as not visible.
    Blog url:

  2. If you have added visible links in your blogroll page, when you add the Links widget to your sidebar, they should show up there. If you've arranged them into categories, you need to select the category you wish to display in the widget.

    See here:

  3. I know they should but they don' there a button, check mark, etc. that I need to select to activate this feature? If I have a links section already, do I need to add an additional links widget?

  4. Your enter links into the Links section in your Dashboard. There the data remains hidden from view until you set up a Links widget. See both guides at these links please:
    Create a blogroll
    Links widget

  5. I appreciate the you both can more easily guess at what is baffling new users, I was dragging the links widget to the dashboard side (I thought that was the sidebar) and wondering why nothing happened. I didn't realize that I had to drag it to the right side of the page to the area helpfully titled Primary "Sidebar."

    Feeling foolish, but all fixed up now. Thanks!

  6. You're welcome and good luck with your site.

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