Can’t get code to give me a new paragraph.

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    I have attempted to get an extra paragraph break between two paragraphs – I want one full blank line between the two, and I can’t get it to work. I have tried <br>, <p>, and &nbsp. I don’t know much about code, I need help figuring this out.

    I apologize if this question has been answered already. I have been searching through the FAQ’s but since I don’t really know the lingo I haven’t had success finding what I am looking for. If there is already a post to answer this, if you would please direct me there, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you!



    This <br /> which is now the standard may or may not work. In some themes nothing you try will work as spacing has been hard-coded into the theme and we cannot edit our themes.

    WordPress has 2 editors: they are the visual rich text editor WYSIWYG and the normal editor. Sometimes turning off the text rich editor (turning away from the dark side) works.

    Turning away from the dark side aka turning off the text rich editor:
    Dashboard => Users => Your profile (Find the check box for the visual rich text editor and uncheck it. Then click “Update Options” to save).



    Thank you.

    I just tried that, but it doesn’t work, either. No matter how many times I hit ‘enter’ in the WYSIWYG, or no matter what code I enter, I can’t get an extra line in there. It’s frustrating. :(



    Look up and read the part of my post I typed after I had my first mouthful of coffee. Since I turned away from the dark side to the normal editor I can have as many spaces between lines as I want. If I want some fancy formatting then I can use an offline publisher like Blogdesk to write in and publish to my blog from it.

    I just noticed that this thread has been posted into the css customization forum [she bangs her head on the computer screen]. I know nothing about css customization and have no idea if what I said has been helpful or not.

    Your best bet is to wait until another blogger with css customization skills is online. Sorry. :(



    LOL! Thanks anyway! I appreciate the attempt. :) I don’t know much about code at all, so I’m in the dark.



    Please note sunburntkamel’s post in this thread on the same subject



    On a more geeky note I have just heard the autop function in WP which controls this stuff described as *a snakepit of regex voodoo*. :)


    try adding this between paragraphs:
    <div class='clear'>&nbsp;</div>

    as atthe404 alludes to, wordpress’ automatic reformatting is indeed a snakepit. it will strip “unnecessary” paragraphs and linebreaks. it also converts div’s to paragraphs. so you’ll have to insert this as your LAST EVER EDIT of the post. wordpress will convert it to an empty paragraph. if you edit it AGAIN, wordpress will strip the empty paragraph.

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