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Can't get Flickr photos to link

  1. wanderingjasmine

    I'm new to all this.

    I want to add photos from Flickr (my own and others under CC) and be able to have a neat title and photographer link underneath the photo like when you 'blog this' straight from Flickr - 'Title originally uploaded by photographer'

    I'm finding that I can't just click the square 'add image' button to insert a photo as when I enter the Flickr URL, the timer whirls and a red cross comes up seeming to say that the link hasn't worked.

    The only way I can add an image is to embed the code taken from the 'share this' button on Flickr and the caption function on this is ugly.

    Am I missing something

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You could paste one of the URLs here so we can see.

  3. wanderingjasmine

    Ok, so I'm just grabbing a link like this:

    and putting it in the image URL box - then the timer turns to the left of the box and it comes up with a red cross.

    I've tried lots of different photos so assume I'm doing it wrong rather than there being a broken link.

    Any help appreciated

  4. That doesn't work because it's a webpage, not an image. The URL you need is this:

  5. wanderingjasmine

    The smoke has lifted - thank you!

  6. I'm having the same problem; how did you generate the .jpg URL? Everything after the last slash makes sense to me, but not before. Thanks!

  7. You put your cursor on the picture, right click and copy Save Image Location. It's the image location you want.

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