Can't get Google Authenticator working after reset

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    I was forced to do a reset on my phone and ever since, I have been completely unable to get it to work with ever since.

    I have 2-step working fine with my Google account now but how do I get it working with again? I can only log in with ‘sms’ passwords. I tried to remove 2-step(with the idea of setting it up fresh again) and was asked for my current verification code. I tried the one that was sent via sms and that did not work. Obviously the ones on my phone won’t work (otherwise I wouldn’t be here). This is ridiculous. I am lucky that I don’t get charged for incoming messages but I’m sure WP is certainly paying for outgoing international sms messages.

    Sigh. It was working all very well before the reset.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi @eyagee

    Are you able to get reset codes on via SMS? It is important to note that the code you get via this method is “one use” only, so you can’t use it a second time to disable Two Step Authorization.

    Please generate a new SMS code, and use it to log in here:

    Once you have regained access, to temporarily disable Two Step authentication on your account, go here:

    From the Security Settings page, click on the “Generate Backup Codes” button and print a backup copy of your codes. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

    Next click on the “Disable” button under Two Step Authentication status.

    At the prompt, enter a code from your list of backup codes and click “Disable” button. You should see now that Two Step Authorization is disabled on your user account.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any difficulties.



    Excellent! Thanks you jerrysarcastic!

    My apologies for the late reply, moving is a pita!

    Next question from this process:

    The re-adding of Authenticator created another set of backup codes. I take it these backup codes now supersede the ones created in the process you outlined?

    Also, may I suggest that this process be put into official documentation. It was very frustrating not being able to find it with whatever keywords I was trying to search with.

    Thank you again dude!


    On the last step(4) I’m having an issue.

    Everything worked just fine but this step won’t progress. When I follow the instructions:

    “We ask that you print this list of ten unique, one-time-use backup codes and keep the list in a safe place.”

    I type in the 2nd backup code, but I get “Invalid Backup Code” after I type in ‘printed’ and hit next.


    @eyagee – Correct, if you create a new connection, any backup codes from the previous connection would be invalidated.

    @mynakedsoulnow – Have you tried the other codes? Are they all invalid, or just that one?

    You can also use your smartphone app or SMS to request a second code (not the same one you used to regain access) to disable Two step Authentication.


    How odd. Tried again and it worked. <shrug> Thanks in any case.

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