Can’t get image upload to work

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    I’ve done a good search through previous posts and not got anywhere.

    My blog is hosted on Yahoo. I’ve got a top level dir called images and a folder in my WordPress dir called uploaded-images. I’ve made both of them 775 permissions (though i’ve tried 777 as well).

    I’ve tried turning the ‘sort by month and year’ on and off in options/misc.

    Whatever i try i still get “Failed to write file to disk.” when i try to upload.

    I’ve looked at my index.php (in the top level of my site) and it contains only 3 lines
    define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true);
    define(‘WP_IN_ROOTDIR’, true);

    Is there anything else i should need to edit in order to use the upload functionality?



    Not sure about editing but you may want to read the Read me first post and then head over to the site you need to be at ->


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