Can't get Import to work

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    I created a test version of my blog site at

    On this I created about 20 pages. I exported this content to an XML file, and then tried to import it into the ‘live’ site at:

    But as you’ll see hardly anything imported. I have the comments, but few of the pages.

    If I examine the export, all of the content is in the XML file, but hardly any of it is imported. When I do the import, after I point at and load the XML, I get an email saying the import is complete, but it hasn’t brought in the pages or posts.

    How do I resolve this? Should I delete the ‘live’ site and start again?


    The blog I need help with is



    Do not delete anything!



    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. They will assist with this import. Please be patient while waiting for their response.



    It looks like you’ve attempted the import several times. If you look in Pages in the Dashboard of , there are 23 pages found there. Are those the pages you are looking for? If yes, you can restore them (you can select all and choose Restore under Bulk Actions).


    Thanks for your response Jenia.

    Yes, I have tried the import several times, however those deleted pages are not the ones I imported.

    What happened, and this my fault I admit, is that I did an early export from the first blog. And then a much later, more up to date one. However, first time around I imported the wrong/older exported file. Realising my error, I then deleted those pages … and those are the ones in the trash.

    What I did after deleting those pages from the first import, was try to import the later/newer export, and these are the ones that are failing.

    So, possibly the second import will not work because the same named pages are in the trash area? If I permanently delete those will the import work do you think? The pages currently in there were just place-holders when I came up with the page structure. The newer export has content in the pages :)

    Hope that’s clear …




    Hey Mike,

    It’s absolutely possible that the already-existing content is the result of your import problems. If you’d like, I can empty your “live” site completely (this will remove all posts, categories, pages, etc), so you can try the import again. To confirm, this is your live site:




    Yes – that’d be great. I’m just trying to copy one blog to another, so the site:

    can be completely emptied, no problems.

    Then I’ll try the import again.

    Many thanks,



    I have emptied the blog as requested. Please feel free to try the import again and let us know how it goes!



    That worked!

    Thanks much to you all for the support.




    You’re welcome!

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