can’t get into my website

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    I want to talk to a human over the phone that is part of wordpress. why is this so hard?
    I am trying to get into my website, but I forgot my password. when I ask to reset it, I am sent an email through woo commerce for resetting, but it actually doesn’t allow to reset, it just shows the login page again.

    I have no idea what to do, and I need to update it immediately


    Good morning –

    Sure thing, we can help you with that. All of our support comes through online channels. There is not a phone support option. Please let me know which site you’re trying to access. That’s a good place to start. Thanks :)


    I ended up paying my web person to change my password.

    How do I find out what subscription I have? I think it says standard, but I don’t know how to check for sure. Anyone know how to help?



    Hi @leslee2afb22122d, we actually don’t see any upgrades associated with this account — which makes sense since it looks like you just created this account today. Can you send a link to your site? We’ll try looking it up that way.


    I can not get into my website and have the same issues as leslee2afb22122d. We do not have a web person and can not pay for one as we are a not for profit organisation.



    Hi @east2editha0a9bfd06f, would you also be willing to send a link to your site so we can look it up? I don’t see one on your account either, as your account is also brand new with no associated sites.

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