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Can't get link html to work

  1. I can't seem to get any links to work within my posts. HTML isn't working, either directly in the window or when I enter it in the source. What the heck?

  2. That's not a whole lot of information to go onwhen looking at it from this end from a troubleshooting perspective.
    Are you using the text rich editor?
    What theme are you using?
    Have you changed themes recently?
    Did your links work previously using the same theme and the same editor?
    Have you changed your browser or operating system?
    Have you force cleared your browser cache?

  3. Could you show us an example of how it's coming out or tell us what specifically you are doing to create the link.

    Like TT says you don't give us a whole lot to go on.

  4. Sorry. I am using the Hemingway theme and always have. I am using the Rich Text Editor. My links work every so often. Seems that WordPress is pretty buggy; I can't even get tot he login page right now. Same browser, same operating system. No matter how I enter it, I get a big line of html in my post, and it isn't that I'm writing the code wrong or missing any details.

  5. In the Rich Text Editor you have to press the HTML button to go into plaintext HTML entry mode. Right now as you are typing the HTML code it is getting converted into gt; lt; symbols, etc.

    If you want to create a link using the Rich Text Editor you can select text and hit Ctrl-K or press the link button.

  6. Now that you're done calling the software buggy and telling us that you can't be doing anything wrong, do you think you can give us the example I asked for so we can assist you please?

  7. Hello everyone,

    Okay I have the same issue of links not active.

    Go to , ctrl-f "Google Milk". You can see clearly the link is not active.

    Same post, go to the link is working.

    Also, how can I use full post instead of:

    Blah Blah [....]

    Thanks for any help, it is very much appreciated!

  8. Bennis

    Hemingway uses an excerpt of the post for the front page. In that excerpt the links etc are not active. When someone goes to the actual post the link is then active.

    It's not a fault, it's either the way the designer has written the theme or the way that the excerpt works.



  9. Link looks active to me. :)

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