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can't get link in Text widget to work

  1. I am trying to insert a simple link:

    Faithful Bloggers

    I put it in a text widget. It posts. Your site changes the url to:


    This of course does not work.

    AND: if I move the text widget down from the top of the list, it does not post at all.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. OK, so, it used my html rather than displaying it, and there's no way to edit my post, so:

    The site I'm trying to link to is:

    I'm using the standard html to do that.

  3. Anybody?

  4. Help?

  5. If you bump threads,t hat essentially sends them to the back of the line for help. When someone has an answer for you, we will answer.

  6. My experience has been that if a post is not replied to pretty fast, it will never be replied to unless it's bumped. And here are, 3 WEEKS later... lol.

    Anyways; any help would be appreciated-thanks!!

  7. I just got a reply to a new issue within an hour and a half of posting it, so they're not running behind now!!

    I'd still love some help on this 2 month old unresolved issue. Thanks!!

  8. I wasn't able to find the widget on your site, but I included the HTML you need to enter, below:

    <a href="">Faithful Bloggers</a>

    I hope that works for you.

  9. For the record, what you originally tried didn't work because you had two mistakes (no http, extra quotation mark):
    <a href="//”">Faithful Bloggers</a>

  10. I've still got the code I used saved in my scrapbook; it does not contain those errors. Although it's entirely possible that I did some sort of crazy alteration to the code a dozen times and never noticed, since WordPress was giving me that freaky placement error at the same time I tend to lean towards it being the latest in a long series of unique errors that this site creates in response to my ancient machine. Anyways, thanks to everyone who replied; it's working fine now!! :)

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