Can't get my blog to view on google, robot errors and indexing

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    My Blog is It has been published since April 18th and was initially a private and then became public in April. Since I changed the setting to public I have not been able to get this website to be viewed on google. I have gone into tools and set the visibility to allow site engines to index. I have added to by Tags (although perhaps not enough). I have signed into google webmaster tools and “is my site working”. The results on these last two sites keep changing on a daily basis. One day they tell me the site is indexed, and the next it isn’t. Today webmaster tells me that the site has a severe health issue, which seems to be something about a ROBOT.TXT blocking the front page from being indexed (a warning that has come up before), and my site has gone from being indexed yesterday to not being indexed today. if you put the website address directly into the search bar (ie not use a search engine) it seems to work fine. This is driving me mad as there is no point having a blog if no-one can find it. Please help… p.s.

    The blog I need help with is


    Google has discovered your blog. Your blog is indexed by Google It will take time before you see all your posts reflected in the SERPs (search engine page results). This may be helpful


    Thanks, I have been reading your blog to try and work this out. It has been really helpful. I will sit tight and see what happens. Do I need to do anything about this Robot.txt thing? it seems to pop up and then disappear?

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