Cant get my photos aligned

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    HI Guys

    Ok, I dont know if this has been mentioned by me before….but I have tried all the things I believe I was told too at the time…

    Now, as I write the article it looks perfect BUT on the the actual site when I preview it one photo is more out than the other (which is most annoying as I dont recall, editing it when it looked perfect) So:

    1. Why does the screen I am ‘writing’ on look perfect and yet when I go to the actual site, the photos are not aligned.

    2. If my site is set to Private, will you still be able to see it – if not, I shall have to unprivatise it

    3. I have checked the width and height settings in the advanced section and done them both the same, but it still looks uneven.

    Can anyone help please as as I said I dont recall editing anything when it looked perfect on the main site, yet it is all unjustified now, and I am wanting to show someone my site, but dont want them to see this particular work as it is and I did intially have some comments on this particular article so dont want to move it or anything.

    Thankyou :D

    The blog I need help with is


    Q1 answered here:
    And again here:
    (I find it hard to believe you’re asking this question again.)

    Q2: No if it’s private we can’t see it. That’s what Private means.


    I thought I had actually followed them instructions as I said in my post, I have tried all ways of aligning the photos and going to the advanced option but that doesnt work at the moment, but obviously not, sorry for bothering you.

    So no one can even leave comment either – that makes sense, I just thought it meant people not on here.



    In any case, we can’t help you if we cant see no nuthin.



    We have been through all the alternatives previously. Aside from the links Panos posted I have also provided instructions as well. I even posted examples in my test blog and opened the blog to visitors so Sharon could see the alternatives and make her choice.


    Yep TT, realise that! Thought this was a different problem, but I was wrong!

    Thanks anyway! :D

    Happy blogging!



    Yay! I’m doing a little ***happy dance**. Have a great day Sharon. :)

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