Can’t get my pictures where I want them

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    Okay, what’s the secret? I cannot control where pictures are posted, so need to do a cut and paste. I used to be able to put three side by side, but now they want ti line up one under another, and I need to kick and scream to get captions under them.

    This used to take ten minutes, now it takes an hour, with poor results.

    My blog is starting to look like crap. Any ideas?




    I’m desperate here …

    I have next to zero control over posting photos. Anybody??



    …as am I. Albeit happy to know that I don’t suffer alone…



    Suffering is the right word. I am starting to drink since they changed this. Nothing works, I need to download flash everytime I log in, and what was once a pleasure to tinker with and update, has become a dreaded task.

    ‘Oh crap, I need to update my page,’ is all I can muster.

    Please wordpress, don’t do this to us.




    If you need to download and install Flash each time you log in, then something is wrong with your computer/browser/flash.

    Uninstall Flash and try reinstalling it.



    This works for me if I use a theme that is wide enough to accommodate side by side images:

    1. New Post
    2. Add Image
    3. Click the Media Library tab
    4. Select an image, click Show
    5. Select a size
    6. Click Insert Into Post
    7. Repeat from step 2

    Works with both Thumbnail and Medium images. Medium images are up to 300 pixels wide so you’ll need a wide theme and screen for them to physically fit side by side.

    If that’s not working for you can you please tell us exactly what you’re doing? The URL of a post that demonstrates the problem would be most helpful.



    I have the same problem. The pix loads but at the top of the page not at the designated spot



    moinansari: again, if that’s not working for you can you please tell us exactly what you’re doing? The URL of a post that demonstrates the problem would be most helpful. What version of what browser are you using?



    Thanks Tellyworth,

    That seems to help, but not a 100% fix. At least they are where thay are supposed to be!!

    One problem is when I am posting them, they are not lined up side by side, or as they appear when saved, so I need to his save, look at it, then go back and move things around, hit save again, then repeat. I took me a good 6 or 7 runs to get this page to look like this …

    Also, when I hit insert, it automatically goes to the the top, not where I indicated, so I need to cut and paste, which leaves behind a code thet needs to ne erased.




    Here’s an url

    and as you can see, the photo is at the top …




    When I upload a pix browing through my media library, and I try to post the picture into my blog page…it always shows up at the top of the page. It does not go to the designated spot where I want it to go….it used to work jsut fine in the old dashboard



    I couldn’t insert images. I read the help. Did the flash thing. Nothing. Then I read about clearing history. That did the trick. I could blog with images just fine.
    Now. Nothing again. That doesn’t work at all.
    The whole computer freezes before inserting the picture. It does upload the image. It just won’t insert it.
    I never had any problems before the changes.



    allatseainabigboat: have you tried the browser uploader instead of Flash? there’s not enough information here for us to know what the problem is.

    guerro and moinansari: what browser are you using? What version? The image always inserts at the cursor position for me. Is that not the case for you?

    The WordPress visual editor will soft-wrap text and images so they fit within the editor window. That’s not necessarily the same place as where your theme wraps. Just use the Preview This Post button in the right column if you need to check the exact layout.



    This problem, and I have experienced it too, and it’s very persistent, is that the image uploader commonly freezes in mid-step for a good long time (up to a minute).

    And then if you give up (who wouldn’t, since it doesn’t seem to be working?) it then either repeats the process, or randomly dumps the image into your text where it feels like, and on occasion in multiple locations, rather than where you want it.

    I imagine this isn’t a problem which will occur so frequently in the WordPress office as it does in the real wide world. Even if you work remotely, with your backroom access you almost certainly have better, more robust and more direct links to the servers with higher bandwidth than the average user enjoys.

    I wonder if this might not explain the apparent wide disconnect in perception of the recent user experience here.

    The scale of the recent problems is one issue. But the underestimation of their effect on users is quite another. Because out here, it really don’t work that good.

    There are danger signs that the patience of a loyal userbase is wearing thin just as the problems are slowly beginning to be solved. That’s because two and a half weeks is a very long time in customer relations. Successful brands have been mortally damaged for less. Regrettably.



    Same problem here, but I can’t change the browser. I’m using my office computer.

    I had no trouble before.



    Hi allatseainabigboat!

    I visited ur blog… you have the pictures already, isn’t it?
    Nice pictures you got.




    I’ve never had trouble posting jpgs and pdfs until WordPress changed. Now I hit “insert image” and the posting screen goes white. I no longer can find anything that says “send to editor.” It’s a bummer. Help.



    if that’s not working for you can you please tell us exactly what you’re doing? The URL of a post that demonstrates the problem would be most helpful. What version of what browser are you using?



    I can upload pictures. But when I try to post them, something has a glitch. For instance, if I go to the media library, I can select an image, click “Show”, select a size and a placement. But when I click “Insert into Post” I get a white screen where the insert media window was. And nothing gets into the post. So I can’t show you a URL of anything but a post with no picture in it.



    What version of what browser are you using, and have you done the Cookie Dance? That’s : log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart the computer, and reload that page. Also: have you updated Flash in the last two weeks? You absolutely have to do that.

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