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can't get out of dashboard, etc and just display my log.

  1. help me please!!! i can't get out of dashboard, admin, etc and get my blog! all i get are all these other pages, but my own is mysteriously hidden.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This blog is not hidden
    What is the exact URL starting with http:// of the blog you refer to?

  3. thanks for responding, i'm ready to tear out my hair. i have no idea what the url is. where would i find it?

  4. How many blogs do you have?
    I already posted the URL for the only one I'm aware of. Click the link

  5. You must be logged in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog to access the blog.

    Clicking this link should display all your blogs registered under the same username, including the hidden ones:

    If you do not see the blog here then
    follow this guide >

    If you have lost your log-in information you can visit
    and if required click the "Need More Help" link and complete the form for account recovery.

  6. thank you, i found it on the main website, but when i use the mobile app i'm still stuck in the endless admin loop...

  7. nothing works. i deleted the app and reinstalled and am still stuck.

  8. The app is not great, in my opinion. Do not use the app. Use your browser if you just want to read the blog. The app works fine for creating content.

  9. thank you. i'd read that the app was problematic. now, sadly, i have personal experience. i'll take your advice and hope it improves.

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