Can’t get pictures to upload

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    The last TWO days I have been trying to upload pictures from my computer. They are jpg images which supposedly are supported by wordpress, however, whenever I upload the image they appear only as a blank square with a question mark in them. This is VERY frustrating because I am trying to post some timly images of what I’m doing at a conference and I can’t do it. I have been able to upload images in the past with no problems. I clicked on feedback last night but received NO response so I’m hoping someone here can help. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated



    we wouldn’t know what exactly is the problem as we don’t have backend access (volunteers help out in the forums for blogging questions, while feedback directly contacts the wp support team). feedback will respond to you via email, but it may take some time. for the quickest solution, i suggest uploading your photos to a photo hosting site like flickr or photobucket. it’s free, and it won’t take long to start up an account there.



    Some details would be. Filename with extention, file size in kbs, etc.


    see this thread:

    the problem doesn’t seem to be related to upload

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