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Can't get rid of text on my home


    The paragraph on the top right I can't find in any widget or any area to delete it and write something new. Help please.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. jordan135gaming1
    Member is marked private by its owner.

    The Blog or Site is set to Private how can we help you when it's set to private because we cant even see the Blog or Site?

  3. sorry its public now

  4. Do you mean the search box?

  5. No where it says... "I blog about what I like and on occassion I blog about shit I don't like. When I was 26 I had everything I ever wanted in life and by age 30, I lost almost everything. I'm determined to get my mind and life back on track. Dope Nemesis is part of my journey.."

    I'd like to change that text and can't figure out where.

  6. Try the Tag Line

    Dashboard >> Settings >> General >> Tag Line

  7. I tried your suggestion but it didn't work. Thanks though.

  8. The text is in your home page widget area. If you go to appearance>widgets on your dashboard you should be able to find the one you want to remove.

  9. I tried that as well and none of the widgets have that text.

  10. I tried that as well and none of the widgets have that text.

  11. very strange. When I use your theme on my test blog and add a text widget to "homepage top right" that's exactly where it shows up.

    What happens if you add a different text widget to that area?

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