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Can't get the blog domain?

  1. Hi! I've decided to start a blog, and it's going to be about my life in Paris (I'll live there for one year) and I'd like the name "" but it's unavailable even though it doesn't exist :( I'd be soo happy if I could have it! Do anybody know what I could do to get it, or if its completely impossible?

  2. The only way to acquire a blog on a sub-domain that belongs to another blogger whether or not they are using it is to contact the blogger directly. If they agree to give it to you then the blog can be transferred to another user account. Staff will not violate the blogger's privacy by providing their email address. Locating the contact information and contacting the blogger is entirely up to you. Note also if the blog has been deleted that the URL cannot be recycled. See >

  3. Why can't the URL be recycled?

  4. If you had used the forum searchbox you would have found the previous threads on this subject. :) That's the business decision that was made ie. no recycling of deleted blog URLs.

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