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can't get the "one" code sulz is using

  1. bloggersanjida

    hey sulz,

    i find all the interesting stuff in your blog ( all the time. the sidebar features wonderful er, features! i went to in search of that "one" badge that you have on top right. but didn't find the code. i am doing a list called "online activism" where i would like to add this badge in pleeeeeeeeeese help!
    anyone out there to help me?

    thanks for your time!

  2. This is what I found searching for "One banner sulz":

  3. bloggersanjida

    thanks raincoaster!
    but er, it doesn't quite answer my question.

    i went to and failed to locate the code.
    can someone point to me the exact location?
    maybe we should wait for sulz, for this,... i don't know.

    (and oh, it DOES show at least now in sulz.wp)

  4. bloggersanjida

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